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Watch Cintapunto change the world for the better every day

Each day brings us fresh challenges – new projects, ideas, new products and new chance to make the world a better place. A new chance to make someone feel a bit happier.

There are two undisputable pillars that our whole work is built on – the best price followed by ultimate quality. Every order we receive, whether it’s a bigger or smaller one, we process with equal thoroughness. Our own manufacturing plant equipped with top-end machinery allows us to eliminate the intermediary factor and assure our clients a perfect quality of printing and performance at minimal cost.

We utterly believe, that making a better world means making one’s job with commitment and responsibility. That’s why our complaint policy is based on 100% refund in case the product you receive turns out to be of lower quality than declared. And for more convenience, our client service is functioning in a 7 days a week mode, so you can place your order right away or at any moment of any other day – we are always at your disposal.

Cintapunto –  work, fun, inspire 😉