Fabric wristbands and Festival wristbands with broidered logo


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⚈ Minumum order qty 100 pc.    ⚈ Smooth & comfortable
⚈ Free mock up with your logo    ⚈ We are producer not reseller

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2. Upload a design (upload a logo if you do not have a design yet)
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Festival wristbands with embroidered logo and a closure

Fabric woven wristbands available for purchase with a minimal order of just 100 units at a small price. Customise textile wristbands with your logo or image through computer embroidery.

Plastic or metal fastenings are of single use by design. So, once fixed on the wrist, the wristband can’t be removed without destroying it. This is an innovative solutions that protects from unauthorized disposal, at the same time giving a pleasure of the comfy feel of tender fabric on the wrist.

Wristbands for concerts made by Cintapunto:

  • MOQ only 100 pcs;
  • any design at wish;
  • embroidered logo (PMS, 8 colors);
  • perfect for long wearing;
  • comfy and fine in touch;
  • number indexing option.


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